Pass The Parcel Baby Shower Game

There are all sorts of different games that you can play at a baby shower but one that is always great fun for your guests is a pass the parcel baby shower game.

This particular game is a variation on the well known game of musical chairs and is a very easy game to organize which requires very few materials.

Start by choosing a prize for the game (something like a candy bar will do just fine) and then wrap it in some colorful wrapping paper, perhaps matching the theme of your shower.

Next, take sheet of about 15 or 20 sticky labels and on each one write down something for a guest to do when they come across the label. This needs to be something simple which each guess can do in a matter of a minute or two for the amusement of the other people in the room. Your labels might for example say things like:

  • Give the guest of honor a hug.
  • Blow a kiss to the person on your left.
  • Stand up and sing the National Anthem.
  • Do something to try to make the person on your left laugh.
  • Put a diaper on a doll. (This can be great fun if you have some of the guys at your shower)
  • Run around the dining table with a boiled egg balanced on a spoon.

Stick the first label onto your wrapped prize and then wrap this again in a further piece of your party wrapping paper. This process continues until you have wrapped the prize 15 or 20 times and run out of labels. Your final wrapping will not have a label on it.

When it comes to playing the game you will need to have some music and for this a tape recorder is probably the bet because it is easy to stop and start the music. This said, you can also use something like a CD player and, instead of stopping and starting the music, you can simply mute and un-mute the sound or turn the volume up and down.

One guest then starts with the parcel and, while the music is playing, they must pass the parcel to another guests. A good idea here is to impose a time limit to prevent guests from hanging onto the parcel for too long (5 seconds works well) and it can be fun to get the guests to count this down.

Once the parcel have passed between several guests you can stop the music and the guest holding the parcel then has to peel off one layer of wrapping and perform the task given on the label.

The game then continues until a guest peels off the final layer of wrapping paper and that guest then wins the prize.

There are of course many variations of this game and you can adapt it to suit your own shower party.

And don't forget that this is simply one of many games you can play. Others might include baby shower poem games, baby shower trivia games, baby shower bingo games, candy baby shower games and even baby shower games for men.

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